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Como Instalar y Configurar ClearLag en Tu Servidor de Minecraft

If you are experiencing lag on your server, there are a number of different optimizations that you can make to improve performance. One of these is to install and configure a plugin called ClearLag.

ClearLag is a Spigot/Bukkit plugin designed to prevent lag on your server by implementing a number of highly configurable optimizations, including an entity limiter and mob spawner controls.

This guide will provide you with instructions on how to install and configure this really handy plugin.

Installing ClearLag on your server:

1. Stop your server by pressing the red "Stop" button on your Multicraft home page.

2. Navigate to Files > Plugin List.

3. Change the source to Spigot and enter "Clearlagg" into the search box (Note the two "G"s). Select the top result.

4. Press "Install."

5. Start up your server using the green "Start" button on your Multicraft homepage.

The plugin is now successfully installed!

Configuring Clearlag on your server:

ClearLag starts running on your server right away and should make a noticeable difference with very minimal configuration – for most users, it is okay to leave the settings as the default.

However, ClearLag is extremely configurable, and you can adjust almost every setting to your liking.

To access and edit the ClearLag configuration file, follow these steps:

1. Stop your server by pressing the red "Stop" button on your Multicraft home page.

2. Navigate to Files > Config Files.

3. Select the ClearLag config.yml file.

From this page, you can edit your server settings to suit your personal needs. As you can see, you can take extensive control over what the plugin does. For further information, visit the plugin’s Bukkit pages [here](

That’s how to install and configure ClearLag – now, you can go ahead and enjoy playing on your server with improved performance!

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