May updates!

April was a month of pure work behind the scenes. After analyzing all the feedback that you, the community, gave us by all means, we have made different changes, we hope you like them.

New ranges of Minecraft Hosting:

We have created two ranges of Minecraft Hosting. Basically, we now have a Budget range , which is designed for those who want, for example, to simply play a Survival Vanilla server, servers that do not require great processing power, and a Premium range , which is designed to be able to run the servers that require greater processing power, with the ideal infrastructure for their correct operation. With the arrival of the Budget range, we now have Hosting plans starting at US $ 1.89 / month (against US $ 3.95 before) , which we believe is a great achievement on our part to be able to provide hosting service at that price.

New configurations for VPS:

We know that perhaps the VPS were a bit expensive compared to the competition, therefore we have designed a new system to purchase them. Now you can configure your server 100% to your needs. This means that, for example, if you need a lot of ram but little disk, you can do it without problems! The cheapest plan now only costs US $ 2.77 / month (against US $ 5.95 previously) . You can edit the following VPS characteristics: Ram , Disk, vCores , Extra IP, Connectivity and Bandwidth limit .

New prices for the TS3:

The TS3s have been drastically lowered in price, basically what used to be 1 month, now it is 1 year, because yes, now the TS3s instead of being monthly, they are annual !

New Panel:

This is what took us the longest to complete. Due to the increase for no apparent reason in the license that HolyHosting paid to the company that provided us with the customer area (+ 500% in less than 1 month), we have decided to migrate everything to a new panel. This allowed us to maintain the same price we were paying, without the need to increase the cost of our services, which we believe was the best decision, since the new panel works even faster than the one we were using before.

From now on, thank you for continuing to trust us, we hope that all the changes are to your liking. Over the next few weeks will be monitoring all services & new panel, we will be aware of that there are no bugs or problems.


Team HolyHosting

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